Patient testimonials about VAT’s high quality vein care.

At Vein Associates of Texas, our compassionate, experienced vein doctor, skilled surgical nurses and caring staff members are here to offer leading-edge vein care with the utmost comfort. Additionally, we strive to take each individual situation into account when creating treatment plans for our patients.

Here’s what some of those patients have to say about our care…

What a difference, not only in appearance, but in how I feel. The lengthy time on my feet at work doesn’t cause leg pain like it used to. It’s a tremendous difference that I’ll appreciate for years to come.

J.M., patient

I really appreciate the wonderful help you provided in clearing up the varicose veins on my legs and helping me avoid surgery.

C.L., patient

If more people knew about your treatment, they would be lined up around the block!

C.G., patient

My legs feel so much better. The fatigue and heaviness are totally gone.

L.L., patient

I’ve been able to wear shorts for the first time without feeling self-conscious.

B.W., patient

Thank you for the best-looking legs I’ve had since I was a teenager!

S.M., patient

I’m having fun on my cruise. I was proud to wear shorts and a swimsuit with my vein-free legs. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work!

J.M., patient

I’m so much happier to have legs that represent my true age rather than those of an older woman.

W.N., patient

My rectal bleeding and itching are totally gone. I am very happy.

L.B., patient

Your treatment has allowed me to avoid a surgical operation.

E.T., patient

Thank you for the wonderful care you gave me. The treatment was painless.

M.T., patient

I feel like a new man!

D.N., patient

More or less 90% gone. I feel better and even sleep better thanks to you, Dr. Franklin, and your very qualified and friendly staff.

Ron P., patient

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