Financial Information and Support at Vein Associates of Texas

We at Vein Associates of Texas are dedicated to making sure you get the quality vein care you need in order to live a life without the pain and embarrassment of vein disease. That’s why we are a participating provider for most health insurance plans. And if you don’t have health insurance, we’ll work with you to get you the care you need. We offer special discounts and affordable payment plans so that nobody has to suffer from the burden of vein disease.

Covered by most insurance providers for medically necessary procedures.

If you have insurance and your treatment is medically necessary, the majority of your costs will be covered. We’ll file your insurance claim for you. During your initial consultation, we’ll go over all of your treatment and payment options so no costs take you by surprise and you understand everything about your vein care.

Offering excellent rates on spider vein treatment.

While spider veins can certainly affect the lives of those they afflict, most insurance carriers consider spider veins “cosmetic” and do not provide coverage for sclerotherapy. Fortunately, we at Vein Associates of Texas offer competitive pricing on our spider vein treatments so you can feel comfortable with showing your legs once again.

Sclerotherapy for spider veins
$300 per treatment
Coupons available for a discount!

For more information on financial matters, or to schedule an appointment, call 888-653-2728. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.